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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  August 31, 2011 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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it is wednesday, august 31st, the last day of august in this 2011. we are taking a live look at the u.s. capitol dome this morning. another fall-like day as you wake up today. i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. we begin again today with some hurricane-related school closings. all calvert and st. mary's connie schools are still closed
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today. prince george's county schools are open. four schools remain without power. they are glenarden woods el mennery, heather hill elementary. rock ledge elementary and tall oaks high school. they will make a decision about the schools before 6:00 this morning. howard county has four schools scout with our. they plan to make an announcement by 5:15. anne arundel schools have 15 schools that are closed today because they are would you power. almost 3,000 pepco customers are still in the dark. in southern maryland, more than 15,000 customer are still without electricity. let's check in with tucker barnes. it feels nice right outside today. >> you got t that is because it will be beautiful. we have temperature right now back in the 50s and 60s. another nice day with
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temperature in the low to mid- 80s. we are expecting lots of sunshine. there is for radar to show you, just satellite, cloud cover. a few clouds out towards pittsburgh and frostburg. nice start to the day. let's do temperatures right now at reagan national. switching to max 2, we are in the 60s. 66 at reagan national. 57 at dulles. the forecast for today, it is a good one. lots of sunshine. more dry weather and warm this afternoon. 84 with plenty of sunshine. back to you. >> thank you. now for a check of this morning's top stories. gary giordano will appear in an aruban courtroom today. he is being held in connection with the disappearance of rob iep gardner. he said the two were snorkeling and guard they are never made it back to shore but police say his account of what happened
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just doesn't add up. no delay minister murder trial of a woman charged with killing a coworker at the lululemon store. a montgomery county judge rejected a defense request to postpone the trial set for october. lawyers for brittany norwood asked for the delay so they could have more time to examine medical, social and educational history. hurricane irene caused nearly three times as many power outages than the 2010 blizzard. after more than three days in the dark, outrage is growing. will thomas talked with some of those folks who live on miles road in montgomery county. >> my message for bg & e is figure it out. >> get your act together big time. >> my message is can you please turn my power back o i miss the internet. >> help us pay for some of the generators and fuel and wasted food. >> reporter: a round table discussion with frustrated bg &
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e customers. >> i can't get my car out of the garage. >> reporter: these neighbors have more than a street in common this week. they have no power. >> this is just dreadful. you can't cook. you can't shower. >> when i called this morning to get an update, they said we don't have a record of an outage at your location and i'm like oh, my god! >> reporter: a generator is enough to power a fridge at the schultz home and a bathroom light. but they can't flush. it needs electricity. >> this happens to us two, three times a year, every snowstorm. i have to sit in there, man the fireplace so the pipes don't freeze and wonder when they're going to show up. >> reporter: maryland governor mart uno'malley toured one of the hardest hit areas. st.mary's county. the governor reactioned to what
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he witnessed and to the question that thousands are still asking. . >> it is a colossal volume of large trees that are fallen. we have to keep working every hour, every day to get the rest of them turned back on. >> reporter: will thomas, fox 5 news. taking a live look right now at the washington monument this morning. a gorgeous day as you wake up today. we'll warm up, of course, from here, but it is still going to be very nice. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. the aftermath of irene is still impacting local schools. here you go. here are the school closings for today. all calvert and st. mary's county schools are closed. prince george's county schools, they are open but four schools still remain without power. they are glen arresteden woods elementary, heather hills, rock
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ledge elementary and tall oaks vocational high school. officials say they will make a status decision about these schools before 6:00 this morning. howard county has three schools without power. they plan to make an announcement by 55. anne arundel county has 15 schools closed today because of know power and that complete list is on our web site. almost 3,000 pepco customers are still in the dark. bge has over 57,000 customer still without power in five local counties. you can also find those updates on your school closings and your power outages on click on the hurricane irene coverage. it is amazing how much -- hurricane irene did a lot of damage and how we're still trying to recover. >> i'm still without power. they told me saturday. a week. >> it is taking them a long time but they say they are
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working as fast as they can. >> you promise? i'm losing my patience as well. expecting low to mid-80s today so the nice weather pattern continues. let's get start wade look at our current numbers. at reagan national, we are in the 60s, lots of 50s. 66degrees is the winning number. the wind will be shifting out of the south and east. here is your satellite-radar. there is a very quiet weather pattern. we have a few clouds out to the west. should be a beautiful day. mostly sunny skies. expecting dry conditions today and highs in the low to mid- 80s. maybe one degree warmer than yesterday. sunshine, nice afternoon, 80 for your daytime high. that is right about where we should be for the end of august. this is officially the end of
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meteorological summer today so we'll put it away in the record books. >> meteorological summer, what does that mean? >> our months republican a little -- run a little different. >> does that mean no more sunny and 58? >> you'll be fine, julie. >> oh. good. no incidents to report right now for those traveling on the beltway leaving annandale towards merrifield. overnight construction in the hot lane zone as you work your way through tyson's should be cleared by 5:00 a.m. they had the two right lanes closed off for overnight roadwork between connecticut and georgia. that will be picked up shortly
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before 5:00 a.m. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. making headlines this morning, former washington wizards player javaris crittenton is due in court in los angeles today. he was arrested at john wayne airport monday night. crittenton is facing a murder charge in a deadly shooting in atlanta. the victim, julian jones, the mother of four, was shot 10 days ago while she was walking with two men. police believe one of those men was the intended target. you may recall, he was suspended from the nba last year after he brought guns into the washington wizards locker room with teammate gilbert arenas. today, gary giordano will appear in court today in aruba. he and rube robyn guard they are traveled to aruba last month and two days later, giordano reported gardner
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missing claiming she never returned to shore while snorkeling. in a police report, witnesses said giordano was calm and had a cut on his throat. defense lawyers in the lululemon killing want ad delay in the trial but the judge said no. brittany norwood's attorneys may invoke an insanity defense and wanted more time to investigate her background. prosecutors say she made up the story and pretended to be a victim as proof she was sane. a 5-year-old girl abducted from fairfax county over the weekend is now out of the hospital. the girl was taken from her franconia area town home sometime between midnight and 4:00 a.m. saturday. she was assaulted but able to make her way back home. the suspect apparently got in through a window. police will not specify but say
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theling girl suffered some sort of trauma to her upper body. a legal battle is brewing between the d.c. government and a local nonprofit over a strip club. d.c.'s attorney general filed a lawsuit claiming miracle hands and its executive director cornell jones inappropriately used more than $3 pun-thousand in grant money. the complaint says the money was supposed to go towards renovations at two warehouses which included a job training facility for people with hiv and aids. instead, it opened last year as the stadium club which describes itself as a premier gentleman's club that also offers five-star dining. part owner of the stadium nightclub told us when he bought the place from cornell jones, it contained nothing but offices. >> he had about eight, nine offices in there. we came in, he moved out. we demolished the building. we put $3.5 million in this building. he has no affiliation. i don't know what the city gave
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him money-wise. i don't want to know. he was working miracle hands out of here and he had some offices here. >> the lawsuit claim the jobs training center never materialized. it was supposed to open in 2007. fox 5 was unable to reach jones for comment. 23-year-old army specialist douglas green died in afghanistan over the weekend. he was killed by an ied while on patrol in canned arrest province. doug green was a volunteer firefighter and a camp counselor during high school. he had a dream to be a u.s. senator. he recently wrote some of his thoughts this a er to his fiance ewhich she passed on to his parents. >> you will never truly know a man or woman until you try to
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see things from their perspective. >> green's death comes during the deadliest month ever in the war in afghanistan. a record 66 service members have died. meanwhile, the clean-up from hurricane irene has only just begun. many areas are dealing with major flooding from rivers especially in the northeast. it has damaged or destroyed a slew of roads, bridges and homes. fox 5 sherry list down in the newsroom with more on the devastation. >> reporter: many people are returning home to clean up the damage from north carolina all the with a up to maine. some can't because their homes have been destroyed or are still under water from hurricane irene n vermont, it is being described as the worst storm in a century. at least 44 people have died and more than two and a half million people are without power. flooding from rivers ripped apart bridges and roads across the new england region. in vermont, the torrential
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waters cut off a dozen towns. the national guard is delivering food and water by helicopter and in new jersey, a left yes broke swamping homes and cars in 12 feet of water. -- a levee broke swamping homes and cars in 12 feet of water. thousands of torrentialers are still waiting at airports for rescheduled flights across the country. the storm damage is being estimated at $7 billion to $10 billion. >> i've gotten messages from people who said i condition do this again. this will be three times in two years, twice within the last six months. there is not only the physical part of this but an emotional par. >> the force of it was beyond our comprehension. >> to see your town be torn apart like that, you can't really describe t. >> reporter: in vermont, many towns are not only physically cut off from the outside world but have no way to communicate. one woman in vermont way generator and satellite internet posted an update on
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facebook. storm demolished homes and businesses, she said and flooded the cemetery. some caskets washed away downriver. it will take some time, months, perhaps even years, for people to fully recover. >> it is amazing what hurricane irene did up there. thank you. coming up, a kids' coloring book creating some controversy. we'll show you what it says about the 9-11 attacks. plus, an outburst inside a courtroom. details of what ticked off a convicted serial killer, when we come back. my name is ashley.
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a judge in ohio rejects a request by a convicted serial killer for a new trial. his lawyers claim the jury fore woman was biased against anthony sowell after he apparently winked at her several time during the trial. >> i think he made a lot of eye
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contact when it was to his benefit. and it personally offended me. he even winked at me once. >> an attempt to influence her. she considered that winking as an attempt to influence that juror. she should have raised her happened and said your honor, he is attempting to wink at me and is bothering me. >> sowell was convicted in the deaths of 11 women whose remains were found in and around his house. now to a controversy in chicago where some people think a coloring book called we shall never forget 9-11 has an anti- muslim aend actual the phrase, radical islamic muslim extremist is used 10 times in that book. some muslim people believe the
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attacks were a conspiracy caused by jews, is another excerpt. the publisher says the coloring book is meant to honor the victims and educate children. big changes in the d.c. mayor appear office in the wake of some serious allegations. up next. >> i take full responsibility for anything that has happened. the buck stops with me and i'm prepared to do whatever is necessary to restore the confidence of the people in the city. >> we'll meet the new members of the gray administration coming up and we'll check in with tucker for the latest on your weather. we'll be right back. ♪ mmm. oh gosh. oh dear.
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we are taking a live look at reagan national airport this morning where they along with just about every other airport in the country working to get people back on their flights and get them where they need to be after hurricane irene really messed things up for the airline industry as well as for everybody else here locally. our houses without power still. a lot of trees still down but at least before a nice day in order to clean up, tucker. >> another nice one. should be just fine. i don't have a lot to show you. ill ashow you quiet conditions because there is nothing out there. we have sunshine in the forecast and highs in the 80s. >> it is good there is nothing out there. >> not complaining. >> just peaking sure.
4:48 am
>> i want my power back as effect else. >> but that is your home on the water. you've got your second home here locally. >> oh, that's right. i do. i have so many homes. 83-degree at reagan national. 83 at dulles. sarah is kidding by the way. one very, very small home. without too much humidity, it should be a nice one. 66 at reagan national. end of august, 57 in leonardtown. 64 in annapolis. saw 50s breaking out in gaithersburg. 59 in win chester. comfortable temperatures, might need a light jack the here as you head out the door. later-- a light jacket here as you head out the door. later, the mid-80s. as i was driving in, i saw
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nothing but stars. should be a nice day. quest cans expected. sunshine, nice afternoon, 84 degrees. winds out of the south and east at about five miles per hour. later tonight, more of the same. 64degrees. keep the windows open. enjoy that noise air. here is the five-day forecast. -- enjoy that nice air. there could be a thunderstorm on saturday or sunday. it won't be raining all day. just a few changes. let's do some on-time traffic. julie wright has your latest. >> all right. right now, we are looking pretty good around town. it is nice and easy as everyone heads back to work and back to school. if you are traveling south along 270, no incidents to report south of 109 coming out of hyattstown.
4:50 am
you are at speed on the beltway between college park and bethesda. 395 at speed as you travel northbound north of duke street headed out to the 14th street bridge. light vask control yum now inbound suitland parkway headed for south capitol street and the douglass bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a new bus route in northern virginia could make it easier for the thousands of new commuters expected under the brac realignment to fort belvoir. officials in fairfax county are unveiling the new service at the franconia springfield station. the new connector bus will start there and take the new commuter to fort belvoir. that starts next tuesday. amtrak getting back on track after hurricane irene. many northeast regional trains are returning once again including service between new york city and boston. the service between philadelphia and new york is expected to resume sometime this morning. a big victory for the city
4:51 am
of alexandria. after years of pressure and complaints, the potomac river general rating station will close next october. the coal-fired power plan is blamed for causing a number of health problems. now to a big shake-up in the d.c. mare's office. vincent gray named two outsiders as his new chief of staff and deputy chief of staff. changes come in the wake of allegations of carlos depaviayism and nepotism. karen gray houston found out not everybody is happy with the change. >> reporter: the mayor posed for pictures with his new chief of staff, chris murphy and his wife and two young children. both murphy and the new deputy, andrea pringle, they call her andy, have impressive credentials. both know they are coming into an administration shrouded by scandal. >> the unfortunate misguided actions of a few have overshadowed the extraordinary work of so many. >> reporter: murphy is a harvard grad, went to georgetown law. pringle is a political veteran who has worked on the
4:52 am
presidential campaigns of howard dean and carol moseley braun. he is a former obama official from hud replacing jerry mason hall who left amidst a controversy over hiring relatives and salaries offered above the city's cap. >> there are people that enter politics to help themselves and advance their open ambitions. vince gray is not one of those people. >> reporter: they know they are walking into a firestorm prompted largely by this man, suleiman brown. >> he is trying to fix the problem by diverting the attention to hiring practices. this is not about hiring practices of the mayor. this is about whether the mayor broke the law. >> reporter: brown is sticking to his story, that gray's campaign paid him cash to bash adrian fenty to the campaign trail and that gray promised him a job. this is also about whether the mayor's campaign broke the law in money laundering, $56,000, converting cash money
4:53 am
that they received above the campaign finance limit of $25 and converted it into money orders. >> reporter: vince gray insists he was up aware of what campaign staffers were doing but says -- >> i take full responsibility for anything that has happened. the buck stops with me and i'm prepared to do whatever is necessary to restore the confidence of the people in the city. >> reporter: karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> the u.s. attorney's office and a congressional committee are still investigating this, looking into those scandals. the nba is in a lockout but that didn't stop self star player from packing the house last night. that is coming up next. a well-known member. the redskins is now a former redskin. details of who didn't make the cut. >> ice cold beer, cold beer! >> a beer vend ore at nats park turns hero. how he saved a young man's life during the game. stay with us, everyone. take the finish challenge.
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some nba stars hit the hard wood identify charity game in baltimore. kevin durant representing the good man league scored a game high 59 points but his team lost to the mellow league which also featured lebron james and chris paul. the exhibition was the latest in a series of exhibition games featuring nba players. the redskins, they practiced one last time before tomorrow's pre-season finale at home against the buccaneers. big news is the first round of cuts. the team had to trim the roster down to 80 players. the skips need to get down to 53 players by saturday. the nationals beat the
4:57 am
braves last night 9-2 behind four home runs and solid pitching by levon hernandez. the big news is the return of stephen strasbourg. he will mechanic his first start of the year with the nats on september 6th against the dodgers. it was supposed to be a fun affect at the ballpark but for one fan, it turned into a life- threatening emergency and a stadium vendor who came to the rescue. fox 5's matt ackland has more. >> reporter: it wasn't the best game for the nats. the florida marlins were letting him have it. still, fans seemed happy at that afternoon game, many of them enjoying a nice cold beer. >> ice cold, ice cold, ice cold beer. or emannual marlow was right there. he says his work is so much more than it appears. >> i like working with people. it gives you time to interact with people and talk to people
4:58 am
sand see a happy face enjoying the game. i enjoy that. >> reporter: during that afternoon game, emanuel says he remembers seeing panic in the eyes of hi teenager and his mother next to him. >> i looked to my right and i noticed a kid that was choking. i set it down and i watched the lady five seconds to see how bad the choking was. inexcuse myself. i went through the seats, got him up out of the seats, gave him three heimlichs right here. >> reporter: all of a sudden, the piece of food came flying out and the young man took a deep breath. the fans forgot about the game and started cheering for emanuel. >> the crowd was cheering. they was very happy. >> reporter: news of the rescue spread quickly. >> a fap called it no our communication office and people started brighting about it. >> reporter: katherine silver says the nationals organization couldn't be more proud of emanuel. >> he is terrific. he is very calm, caring and
4:59 am
good at what he does. he knows how to handle the crowd and just ridge plant of looking at things. or emanuel hasn't heard from the young man since the act of heroism. >> the mom, she came back and she was excited. she was happy. she gave me a big hug and bought a beer. >> that was matt ackland. the tamer is just fine. as for emanuel, he does not have any medical training but he knew what to do in that emergency situation. stit still ahead, your weather, traffic and all of your top stories-- still ahead, your weather, traffic and all of your top stories.


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